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WordPress Websites

We're WordPress experts and have been building websites for over 20 years. Our starter website packages begin at £600. We'll help you to buy a domain name, host your website for you and help you to make changes or do it for you. Get in touch and come and see us.

Social Media

If you need help to understand what you should be doing on social media, give us a call. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest - we can help with all your social media requirements and also run training courses to help you or your staff get started.

Free Advice

If you are running or starting a business in Herefordshire we can come and visit you for up to 4 hours and give you free advice and training on anything related to websites, social media, using the Cloud effectively etc. Just get in touch and we will do the rest.

Graphic Design

Your identity says everything about you. Make sure you get it right with a good-looking logo and business card.

Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp - reaching your customers and monitoring their interaction with your marketing materials is a science. We'll help you manage the software, interpret the results and steadily improve them - and grow your audience. Don't waste your customer's time sending them stuff they aren't interested in. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Lost your domain name? In trouble with your website? Don't know how to fix a problem online? Ask us to come to your aid.

anna wilde perfectarc consultants

Anna Wilde, Principal Consultant

Anna Wilde is the owner and principal consultant at PerfectArc Consultants, a web and digital marketing business based in Ludlow, Shropshire. A self-confessed lover of all things gadgety, she likes nothing better than getting excited about the next big thing in tech. She’s an experienced web developer, workshop trainer and facilitator and has a broad range of software and hardware IT skills.

Anna also works as an independent IT consultant and adviser in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire for the Fastershire project when she isn’t wrangling websites. Anna’s field of expertise ranges from all things web and ecommerce to Cloud computing and apps and she always has just the right app on hand for – well, anything really.

Just to balance things up, she’s currently finishing a Masters degree in Death, Religion and Culture and is obsessive about her two miniature dachshunds. She swims a lot and eats cakes frequently, although never together.

You can reach Anna on 07966 266302 -


Andy Corbett, Senior Consultant

Andy has been involved in IT and digital for over 3 decades pursuing what he describes as his ‘unstructured career’. Over the years he has been a programmer, systems manager, IT director of a large law firm and carried out the IT investigation aspect of legal cases and corporate IT project failures.
In 2000, Andy and Anna set up PerfectArc Ltd and ran it successfully for nearly 20 years doing web and digital work for local businesses and online transactional projects for some household names like Sky TV, the BBC in London and some US and UK banks.
Andy is now involved in all aspects of the application of digital and online to marketing automation and sales support platforms for clients and can advise and design strategies for moving into these commercially leading edge areas of digital. You can read more about him on LinkedIn here.
For a closing ‘human’ paragraph, Andy was perplexed as he doesn’t really ‘do’ fun and has nothing you could recognise as a hobby or any interests. He doesn’t seem too much the worse for it though.

You can reach Andy on 07973 640453 -

jack wilde perfectarc consultants

Jack Wilde, Senior Consultant

Jack studied computer science with Andy in the early eighties and is married to Anna. He has worked in IT training, professional development and quality assurance for over 30 years. He co-authored the industry lead body guide on how to assess and verify the first IT standards and has advised corporates such as GCQH, Deloitte, Ford and many others on how to improve their professional development schemes.

Jack has worked as a trainer, assessor, internal verifier and external verifier, the latter for a number of bodies for over 25 years. He has also worked in the field of IT litigation, where, as he says, “we cut up dead projects to see what they died of, AND who killed them…oh the joy of hindsight”.

He is passionate about quality assurance, attention to detail and plain speaking. He has more recently worked as a consultant to small businesses, on resilience and business continuity.

Jack is a qualified masseur and an intermittent biker (it depends on the weather), Moto Guzzi enthusiast having two, one customised. He is accused of spending more time polishing than riding!

You can reach Jack on 07974 082712 -


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